NHS Boys Varsity Soccer

Last Friday night I had the opportunity to photograph the Norcross High School Boys Varsity Soccer game against Duluth High School.  Unfortunately, due to some very poor communication between my husband and myself, I was only able to be on the field for the 2nd half, and sadly, Norcross did not win the game.  😦
I did get some good action shots though!  And a couple of them clearly show NHS players being fouled.

This was really a challange for me for several reasons:

  • I was using my brand new telephoto lens for the first time.
  • It was my first experience shooting at night .
  • It was the first time I have attempted photographing fast paced sports.

It took a while for me to find the right balance of ISO, shutter speed and zoom, so the first 20 or so shots were almost completely black, but I eventually found the right settings and am excited to post the result.
So here they are.  I hope you enjoy them!

These along with some additional photos will be posted to the FaceBook page on Thursday.

Thanks for checking out this post!!!! And I would love to hear your feedback!


7 Things You Should Ask a Potential Photographer


Let’s face it, hiring a photographer can be stressful.  You are trusting the person you hire to accurately portray your personality through the art of photography in a flattering and aesthetically pleasing way.  That is a pretty tall order when you think about it.  So picking the right one is really important.

Because you may not know what you need to ask, I’ve put together a few questions you should inquire of your photographer before your session. They may save you a BIG headache later.

1)  Is what Im seeing some of your most recent work?

Find out if the work on their website/blog/Facebook page is up to date.  You don’t want a to hire a photographer who was great 2 years ago and when they were really into it, but hasn’t done much recently.  There are a lot of steps that go into taking each photograph, you want a photographer who is working through those steps frequently.  Practice makes perfect, after all.

2)  Will he/she be the one taking the photos at your shoot?

With small photography companies, this is not nearly as important, but for larger ones, make sure the person you are meeting with is the actual photographer and that the work you are viewing is theirs.  Imagine how shocked you would be if on session day, someone walks up you have never seen before.

3)  What is the refund/cancellation/reschedule policy?
In most contracts, photographers allow themselves the right to cancel or reschedule on you for various reasons… Unforeseeable acts of God, Illness, etc. but your valid reasons for cancellation are usually almost non-existent, so this is something you want to make sure everyone is clear on up front, especially if there is no contract.
Does the photographer offer refunds?  What happens if the session is canceled by the photographer?  How is that different if the client cancels it?  Is there a time frame for reschedules? When you have had to reschedule your session because your child has the flu, the last thing you want to find out is that the photographer only takes reschedules within 5 days of the original session.

4)  Will they accept a list of specific photos to be taken from you?
This is a big one.  A picture is worth a thousand words right?  So may people want to be able to show their photographer an example of a shot they love instead of trying to describe it.  Finding out before you hire someone if they will allow this, and if they will be able to look at the images before your session, could make a big difference in the final pictures.  Some photographers are strict about this, so if it’s something you want to be able to do, just ask.  Better to find out early on.

5)  Are they comfortable in providing direction, especially in shots with several people? In other words, are they willing to guide people into better, more flattering positions?
This is one I personally did not ask and had an issue with.  I have a professionally photographed family shot that has a gap right in the middle big enough to edit the photo in two.   If the photographer had just asked everyone to “squish in” it would have been perfect.  You are relying on the person you hire to produce the most perfect shot possible… They may not be able to make a baby stop crying, or get your Uncle Ned to crack a smile, but they are dang sure responsible for getting people to stand in the right place.

6)  How long after the session or event will the proofs be ready?

This can vary drastically, from a week or 2, to 6 months.  If the photographer doesn’t offer up a time frame, be sure to ask.  It is their job to set your expectations accordingly.

7)  Does she ask you questions that illustrate her preparedness?

In a different blog post I’ll cover the questions the photographer should ask you, but in the meantime… A good photographer should have nearly as may questions for you as you have for them.  If they don’t, it may be a sign that they are not totally prepared or that they are not completely stoked about your session.  Either way, you may want to consider moving on.  Having a photo session is exciting!  You deserve someone who is just as excited as you are and who is dedicated to getting shots that will make you happy.



And finally and maybe most importantly, before making your finally selection, ask YOURSELF

***Is it going to be easy for me to work with this person?

You would assume so since such a HUGE part of photography is customer service, but this may not neccessarily be the case.  A couple of tips to help you determine if the photographer’s is a good fit for you:

  • Have a face to face meeting with the photographer to discuss your session ideas.  It is so much easier to see if you are a good fit in person rather than through email or even over the phone.

  • Take into consideration things like response time to emails or phone calls.  This may not be an issue for you, but I am an extreme type A personality, so when I send an email as a prospective client, I expect it to be answered within 24 hours, if it’s not, that’s a problem for me.

  • Evaluate the Costs and be honest with yourself. I had someone once say to me “Well the session is only $50 but the prints are $35 each, so we’ll just pic our favorite two or three.” This is not realistic. Once you see that great photo of you and your fiance or the adorable smile of your children, you are going to want the photos. If the photographer doesn’t offer a package that works with your budget, ask for alternatives. If there aren’t any, you should probably keep looking.



Little Miss Kinsley is Two!


Had such a blast with The Keith’s on Sunday.  Little Kinsley is a doll!  We shot for almost 2 hours and she only needed one little break.  She is such a trooper and unbelievably precious!


These were shot at Wills Park in Alpharetta.
This is also where I’ll be shooting Kinsley’s second birthday par
ty in a few weeks.


Lollipop, lollipop

Look at that smile, she is loving the swings!

This is one of my favorites.  I love the colors, and all the details of the background and the balloon.
Kinsley loved that balloon, good call Mom.

Such an adorable face.

What a nice looking family.

Wanna know a secret??  That “2” was not really in the shot.
This was some post-processing that involved cutting and pasting from several different photos.

Cute one of Kinsley and Daddy!

I think this one is my favorite.  I love how the colors of her outfit match the eggs and the balloon.
Plus her serious face is so striking.

I love the detail of this shot.

New & Improved Blog, + New Photos for the Prints Album

Well after a few weeks of Blogger, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  A.J. Click’s has made the jump to WordPress.  While format editing in Blogger is FAR superior to WordPress, Blogger does not notify followers of new posts.  Does that make sense to you? Cause I couldn’t figure out why it would allow followers if they are not notified.  Makes no sense at all.  Anyway, off my soapbox.  

All previous blog posts have been uploaded here, and the old blog will be disabled shortly.  

Moving on….
For the photos this week, I would like to share a few more that will be added to the Prints Album.  As always, these will be added to Facebook later this week, but Blog followers get the first look.  

Let me hear from you!  Things you like, don’t like, would like to see.  I am open to any and all suggestions.  

Campbell’s Covered Bridge ~ Landrum, SC

And finally, this weekend I will be doing a photo shoot for the adorable Kinsley Keith in honor of her 2nd birthday.  I am really excited to share those pictures with you next week.  She’s adorable and such a great subject!  

Thanks for reading, 


Introducing Prints!

Happy Tuesday!  

I am excited to introduce the Prints Album!  The following prints are available for sale (contact me at ajclicksphotogrpahy@gmail.com for more info) but more importantly, the prints album will be a place where I can post images I love that don’t really fit anywhere else.  

One of the most frustrating things I experience (aside from being technology challenged when it comes to making editing programs do what I want them to) is that sometimes when digitally organizing, there aren’t enough photos of a specific subject or event to create a whole album.  
With the Prints Album, I will be able to share some of the photos I love that don’t exactly go with anything else.

So I hope you enjoy this random collection of photos I have taken over the past month.  

Loved this Alligator.  He was definitely posing for me.  🙂 

I was going for a Good vs. Evil kinda vibe here.  How’d I do??

Celtic Cross in Oakland Cemetery 

I will be posting these photos to FB later this week, but I would LOVE to hear feedback on any of my images whether it be here or there.  

Thanks for reading!

(Originally Posted February 28th)

Fabulous Fox Theater Photos!

     These were really fun to edit.  I used a gritty, muted edit to give them more of an antique finish,
     and of course added my lovely new logo.  
     I would love to hear what you think!
Ceiling Details in the Grand Salon
 Men’s Lounge
Wings Stage Right
Ceiling in the Egyptian Ballroom
(Originally posted February 21st)

Fabulous Fox Theater and Thank You!

I found out Saturday that after almost a month on the wait list, I did in fact make it into the Fabulous Fox Theater photography event for Sunday evening.  For anyone not familiar with the Fox Theater, think Phantom of the Opera.  Built in the 1920’s as a Mosque, the Fox has some amazingly unique architecture that was a treat to photograph.  Everything from the phone booths to broom closets were done in the most intricate detail.    

Well, needless to day, it was an amazing experience!  Myself and 15 other photographers got free reign of the theater, the ballrooms, and the lobby for four hours.  With the low lighting and the lack of windows, a proper exposure would not have been possible without the use of a tripod.  Many of the shutter speeds were 30+ seconds!!  I still have lots of photos to go through and edit, but will share a few with you later this week. 

I also want to send a special “THANK YOU” to my dear friend Toni Dowdy who worked so hard in her free time to create the logos you see on my photos.  She did an amazing job and I really appreciate it! 

I’m back to editing Fox Photos.



(Originally posted February 21st)


Hi!  I’m Abbey Johnson, Owner of A.J. Click’s Photography, and I’m so excited about this blog!
I have loved pictures and photography my whole life but just recently decided to do something about it.  I bought a DSLR camera, took a photography class and have spent the past several months working on my craft.

It is my belief that many people can take nice photos, especially with everything a camera can do these days, but A.J. Click’s offers, not only unique, memorable photos, but an overall great experience from beginning to end.  Having had a bad experience with a photographer in the past myself, my main goal is to make sure you love your photos and that you had a blast taking them!

I am super excited to begin sharing some of my photos and over the moon excited for what is to come!

If you see something you like please leave me a comment, and please find my page on Facebook.