Introducing Prints!

Happy Tuesday!  

I am excited to introduce the Prints Album!  The following prints are available for sale (contact me at for more info) but more importantly, the prints album will be a place where I can post images I love that don’t really fit anywhere else.  

One of the most frustrating things I experience (aside from being technology challenged when it comes to making editing programs do what I want them to) is that sometimes when digitally organizing, there aren’t enough photos of a specific subject or event to create a whole album.  
With the Prints Album, I will be able to share some of the photos I love that don’t exactly go with anything else.

So I hope you enjoy this random collection of photos I have taken over the past month.  

Loved this Alligator.  He was definitely posing for me.  🙂 

I was going for a Good vs. Evil kinda vibe here.  How’d I do??

Celtic Cross in Oakland Cemetery 

I will be posting these photos to FB later this week, but I would LOVE to hear feedback on any of my images whether it be here or there.  

Thanks for reading!

(Originally Posted February 28th)

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