Fabulous Fox Theater and Thank You!

I found out Saturday that after almost a month on the wait list, I did in fact make it into the Fabulous Fox Theater photography event for Sunday evening.  For anyone not familiar with the Fox Theater, think Phantom of the Opera.  Built in the 1920’s as a Mosque, the Fox has some amazingly unique architecture that was a treat to photograph.  Everything from the phone booths to broom closets were done in the most intricate detail.    

Well, needless to day, it was an amazing experience!  Myself and 15 other photographers got free reign of the theater, the ballrooms, and the lobby for four hours.  With the low lighting and the lack of windows, a proper exposure would not have been possible without the use of a tripod.  Many of the shutter speeds were 30+ seconds!!  I still have lots of photos to go through and edit, but will share a few with you later this week. 

I also want to send a special “THANK YOU” to my dear friend Toni Dowdy who worked so hard in her free time to create the logos you see on my photos.  She did an amazing job and I really appreciate it! 

I’m back to editing Fox Photos.



(Originally posted February 21st)

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