Kinsley is 2, Volume 2 ~ Party


As a follow up to Little Miss Kinsley is 2, this past weekend I was given the opportunity to photograph Kinsley’s second birthday party, which was also at Wills Park in Alpharetta.   The weather was wonderful, the company was great and Kinsley was adorable as usual. I mean who wouldn’t want a job where they get to hang out on a beautiful day and eat cupcakes??


Photographing a party is something I’ve always wanted to do, but this was my first opportunity and honestly, it was more difficult than I expected. I’ve done shoots with young children, but with multiple children running around and most adults who don’t want to pose for a photo long enough for said children to smile, here is what we came out with. I hope you enjoy them!


These are just few of the pictures taken that day.  More will be shared on Facebook this Thursday.


I think this family shot may be my favorite from the day.  

This kid is too cool for school.

Love this one of Kinsley with her Grandmothers and Great-Grandmother

Kinsley with Lily

Kinsley with Grandma


Please visit the Facebook page this Thursday to see more photos from the party.  Thanks for taking the time to check out my photos, and Happy Tuesday!


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