My Husband Thinks He’s Davy Crockett


Putting it mildly, my husband is quite the outdoor enthusist, so it doesn’t take much to talk him into going on a day hike, or any hike actually.  He recently did a 24 mile loop with some buddies for FUN.  It’s possible he is Davy Crockett incarnate… or Bear Grylls long lost brother.  (He would prefer to be the brother.)


But I digress…. So, my husband loves to be outside and sadly, while I definitely appreciate nature, I am not nearly in as good of shape as he is.  Cardio is not my friend.  Fortunately, I have found the answer.  If I bring my camera when we go hiking, suddenly there are plenty of opportunities for me to rest (i.e. pant like a crazy person while trying not to hyperventilate) under the ruse of a photographic opportunity.  See, we both win.


I am excited to share with you a few of the photos I captured on one of our recent outings.


I love that you can see the spider’s web in this one.

If a tree falls… 

I took this shot several times before I thought to tilt the camera just a little.  It turned out to be my favorite one.  Amazing what a little perspective can do.

This tree fell across the path, and was cut up by the park.  I love the details of the cross section.  I chose this edit to enhance that.  I wanted you to be able to “feel” it though the photo.  How’d I do??


Any comments are appreciated!  Also, if there is something you haven’t seen and would like to, or something you would like to see more of, PLEASE let me know!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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