Georgian Terrace Hotel


I am a member of a the Atlanta Photo Workshops Meet-Up group.  If you’re not familiar with Meet-Up,, it’s a site that hosts groups with all different interests from languages, books, and outdoor activities, to networking, dog lovers, and foodies, and helps them organize events.  You can pretty much find anything you may be interested in and my experience with it has been great.  I originally joined to find a book club, but eventually branched out and found several photography groups in the Metro area and it’s how I found the photography classes I wound up taking.


The APW Meet-Up group allows you as a photographer to gain access to places you otherwise may not be allowed to shoot.  Last week the group met at the historic Georgian Terrace Hotel.  The Georgian Terrace boasts past guests such as Presidents Coolidge and Harding, celebrities Arthur Murry, Enrico Caruso, and both Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh during the Gone with the Wind premiere.  It is a beautiful building that was fun to photograph.


I hope you enjoy my images!


My favorite shot from the day.  I just love how this turned out!

A window, into a window, into a window.

Stairway in the Livingston

I love the detail of the brick work here.

All feedback is apprecaited!  Thanks for reading!



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