The Melton’s~ Family Session


This past Sunday, I meet up with my friend Megan, and her husband Mark to take some shots of their precious Addie Rae.  While Addie wasn’t exactly stoked to be my model, we did get some great shots of this adorable girl before we wore her out.  As soon as we finished, she was asleep in 10 seconds flat!  


Is she a cutie or what!?!


In honor of Father’s Day, Addie was nice enough to pose with the DAD letters.  🙂 

Super Baby!  Love Addie’s sweet smile here.  

This is on of my favorite pics ever.  She is such a doll!Great shot of Addie and Mommy

What a beautiful family!


I would love to hear your comments, and would love to be your photographer if you are in the Atlanta area.  

If so, please contact me!


Thanks for reading my blog.


One thought on “The Melton’s~ Family Session

  1. Wow, I know that you told me that the baby was not pumped about being outside for a couple of hours, but you got some awesome shots of her and the fam. Well done!

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