Yvette + Matt ~ Couples Session


I’ve known Yvette for less than 6 months, so when she asked me to take pictures of her and her boyfriend Matt, I was thrilled!  But even up until the day before, we didn’t have a location nailed down.  Yvette wanted to go to a park in Norcross GA, but couldn’t remember the name of it or where it was.  I asked my hiker enthusiast husband to recommend some places and low and behold, his first recommendation was the same park Yvette wanted. It is amazing how things work out.  The weather was gorgeous on Saturday, if not a little chilly, but I am in love with the result!  Yvette and Matt are clearly very much in love and you can see it in every picture.  🙂 


Seriously one of my favorite photos… EVER!

Love this in Black & White.  Such great contrast.

Beautiful Couple!

Love the sun in this one.  Such a soft pretty finish.I adore how this one turned out!  

I used a vintage edit to make this one look a little more romantic.


Thanks for checking out my blog!  Even though its Thanksgiving week, I will still have more of Yvette & Matt posted to Facebook on Thursday, so please check them out later this week.


Also, next week’s blog will be dedicated to the Stetson Family.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss adorable baby Wes!  


Love your feedback!  



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