The Stetson’s~ Holiday Session


Lindsey is a friend of a friend from my book club.  I had the pleasure of meeting her and her beautiful family at Scottsdale Farms, which is a nursery in Alpharetta.  We were lucky that the day of the shoot was also the day the Christmas Trees arrived at the farm.   It really is a beautiful place and I’m so glad Lindsey chose it!  We had amazing weather, and as you will see, little Wes is a complete doll; so my job was easy.  


What a good looking family!!!

Loved his one of little Wes at Mom & Dad’s feet.


Such Handsome Fellas


Bringing the present was Lindsey’s idea.  How incredibly adorable is this?!?!  I love it when my clients bring props!


Thanks for checking out my blog.  I would love to schedule a session for you and your family.  

Just contact me and we can get you on the calendar!!


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