Sean Hoey ~ Baptism

 You may recognize this little fella from his newborn pics back in July, then again you may not… he’s changed so much in 6 short months!  Sean was baptized last Saturday and man is he one laid back baby!  Not one single tear throughout the entire process.  

He is one seriously cute little boy and I was honored to be part of this special day.  The baptism took place in a beautiful church in Cumming GA, and was preformed by the Hoey’s awesome Irish priest who was thoroughly entertaining.  

There was a short window where we could get Sean’s fist out of his mouth, so I did my best to snap these pictures quickly.  🙂 


Stephanie’s parents and sister-in-law, who made a 14 hour drive to attend.


One of my favorites; Sean with Mommy & Daddy


233-logoI love this shot!!

Please visit my Facebook page on Thursday for more pictures of Sean’s big day!

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