The Staudts ~ Family Session

Let me introduce you to the adorable Staudt Family!  The Staudts were a referral from the parents of last years  winner of the photo costume contest, Ben the Panda.  

Nikki warned me that 5 year old Brody and 2 year old Sheridan would have short attention spans, but these two totally rocked it! They were so cute and such a blast to hang with.  

I love the varying shades of blue on the whole family.  The color pop made for great photos.  


Such a good looking family!


Brody and Sheridan were so sweet to each other.127-logo 167-logo 213-logo

One of my favorites; Brody trying to tell Sheridan a secret.

Check out the Facebook page this Thursday for more of the Staudts, and as always, thanks for reading the blog!!


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