A.J. ~ Mini Maternity Session

As much as I ❤ photos, I really didn’t think I wanted maternity pictures of myself.  But after a lot of cajoling from my friends, family, and other moms, who told me that even if I didn’t appreciate the pictures, one day my daughter might want to see what I looked like while pregnant with her, I gave in.  It turns out, taking pictures of yourself is not very easy.  🙂  We only did 6 poses, and it took a looooong time.  But, we prevailed, and came out with a few that even my critical eye can be happy with.  


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I do have a couple more that I’ll be sharing on Facebook this week, so be sure and check those out too.  I’ll be taking a few weeks off to be home with my newborn, but will be back later this summer and ready to schedule some sessions!  Thanks for visiting my blog.  See you all in a few weeks.  



Doto ~ Maternity Session

Within the first few days that I met Liz, it became obvious that Liz’s dream is to be a mom.  But Liz and her husband James were told that they wouldn’t be able to have biological children, so they were well into the adoption process, which Liz talked about freely.  

A year ago this month in fact, I meet with them to do a couples session so they would have some recent pictures to include in their adoption book.   The baby they hoped to get was to be born in November 2013 in North Carolina.  I worked with Liz at the time, and I know how hard she worked to get everything in order for the adoption agency.  There were a few hiccups along the way, but as November drew closer and closer, Liz went to the doctor and found out she was pregnant.   🙂 

I am so excited for these two who will be welcoming their baby boy J.J. (Jon James), on June 6th.

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Thanks for checking out the blog!  Liz and James are not of Facebook, but I will be posting more pictures of them there on Thursday.   So feel free to leave them comments here.

Next week, I will share a few pictures from my own maternity session.  Liz and I are due only 2 weeks apart. 🙂 


Isabella Kamm ~ 8 Month Session

Im so excited to share the pictures of the Kamm family! We were a little late scheduling Isabella’s 6 month pictures, and unfortunately for scheduling, I am due with my own little girl right around the time of her 9 months photos, so Isabella’s mom decided to do an 8th month session.  We had such an awesome, warm day, especially considering that last time we met up for her holiday pictures, we froze our bums off.  Sweet Isabella is a great sport no matter what temp it is though.  I seriously don’t think this little cutie ever cries!  Plus, she is without a doubt, the cutest Easter bunny I’ve seen 🙂





More pics of The Kamm’s will be posted this Thursday on the A.J. Click’s Facebook Page, so be sure to check them out!

Thanks for visiting the blog!