A.J. ~ Mini Maternity Session

As much as I ❤ photos, I really didn’t think I wanted maternity pictures of myself.  But after a lot of cajoling from my friends, family, and other moms, who told me that even if I didn’t appreciate the pictures, one day my daughter might want to see what I looked like while pregnant with her, I gave in.  It turns out, taking pictures of yourself is not very easy.  🙂  We only did 6 poses, and it took a looooong time.  But, we prevailed, and came out with a few that even my critical eye can be happy with.  


003-logo090-logo 037-logo

I do have a couple more that I’ll be sharing on Facebook this week, so be sure and check those out too.  I’ll be taking a few weeks off to be home with my newborn, but will be back later this summer and ready to schedule some sessions!  Thanks for visiting my blog.  See you all in a few weeks.  



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