Meet Ava Ellen Porter!

Meet our sweet neighbors, the Porters! Rob and Jess moved into their home next door to us shortly after we moved in. And shortly after we announced we were expecting, they did too!  They decided to let the gender of their little bundle of joy be a surprise, so when I found out they had a girl, I was ecstatic.  My first thought; our daughters will be besties!  🙂  When I got to meet previous Ava, who was born three weeks early, she looked sooo small compared to our 10lb 5 week old.  You can see for yourself on Facebook this Thursday when I’ll share a picture of our girls side by side.  

It was such a pleasure working with this family, plus you cant beat the commute 🙂  I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Congrats to the new mom and dad! 





 So sweet!


One of my favorite photos, ever.


Loved this sign in Ava’s nursery.



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Collage of Christmas Sessions

I usually share pictures from each session, but this year, some of my clients asked me to only share a few of their pictures.  Many of them were planning to use them for Christmas Cards, and wanted their friends and family’s first time seeing their family pics to be when the card arrived in the mail.  So, I picked one or two from each session (many of which my clients have already shared on their own Facebook pages) and made this blog post a little montage of all the sessions from the recent weeks.  

This will be my last blog post for 2013, and I just want to say, boy has it been an awesome year. 🙂   I have met some wonderful new people through photography, and have had many repeat clients, which is the biggest compliment of all.  THANK YOU to all my clients from 2013, and I am so excited for what 2014 has in store!!  

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  


The Kamm Family


The Burns Family


The Hoey Family


The Winters Family

205-edit2Sean Hoey


Matthew Slaughter


Suzanne Durham and Totasa


Lisa and Lainey Rolince

072-edit2Kati & Krystian Przyjemski

135-editSuzanne Durham and Totasa

190-edit3Lisa and Lainey Rolince

011-editThe Przyjemski Family

008-editThe Slaughter Family

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A. J. 

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Meghan’s Bridal Shower

I met Meghan over 5 years ago when I met my husbands extended family for the first time.  She is now engaged to be married to my husband’s cousin, Greg in mid-July.  Meghan is such a sweetheart and I wanted to do something special for her, especially since I will not be able to attend the wedding.  Congrats Meghan and Greg!  We are so happy for you both! 


Meghan’s shower theme was Monogram, which I thought was such a cute idea!



Had to get a pic of this little cutie in line for the food. 



066-editLove this one of Meghan and her Mom. 

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The Melton’s~ Family Session


This past Sunday, I meet up with my friend Megan, and her husband Mark to take some shots of their precious Addie Rae.  While Addie wasn’t exactly stoked to be my model, we did get some great shots of this adorable girl before we wore her out.  As soon as we finished, she was asleep in 10 seconds flat!  


Is she a cutie or what!?!


In honor of Father’s Day, Addie was nice enough to pose with the DAD letters.  🙂 

Super Baby!  Love Addie’s sweet smile here.  

This is on of my favorite pics ever.  She is such a doll!Great shot of Addie and Mommy

What a beautiful family!


I would love to hear your comments, and would love to be your photographer if you are in the Atlanta area.  

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Class of 2012 ~ Don’t you wish you could be One-Two?


On Sunday I was privileged to be able to photograph three of the most beautiful girls in the world.  SERIOUSLY. Collins Hill High School Seniors; Brooke, Rachel and Carly.  Brooke is my husband’s first cousin and was sweet enough to organize a Senior Photo Shoot with two of her best friends.


It was so much fun working with you girls!!  Between the screaming child, ‘illegally swimming’ in the fountain, and the ferret on the leash, it was quite an experience to say the least.


I hope you LOVE your pictures!! I’ll have more up for you on FB on Thursday, and the disks will be mailed to you ASAP. There are so many awesome ones, it may take me a little longer than usual 🙂


The sun was perfect for this pic.  The way it’s giving Carly that soft glow is just awesome.


Fantastic sun flare!


Great close up of Rachel.  One of the few times the wind was working to our advantage!


I edited this one a bit… the 2012 we had written on the sign was a little hard to see, so I added a new one.


I muted the colors just a bit here to give it more definition, and a cooler feel.


Love all the bright colors, including those pink converse… They really make the shot.


I removed some of the color from this to put the focus on Brooke’s face.


Thanks for visiting my blog!  I would love to hear your comments/questions/suggestions, and please check out my FaceBook page on Thursday when more photos of these beautiful ladies will be posted.  


NHS Boys Varsity Soccer

Last Friday night I had the opportunity to photograph the Norcross High School Boys Varsity Soccer game against Duluth High School.  Unfortunately, due to some very poor communication between my husband and myself, I was only able to be on the field for the 2nd half, and sadly, Norcross did not win the game.  😦
I did get some good action shots though!  And a couple of them clearly show NHS players being fouled.

This was really a challange for me for several reasons:

  • I was using my brand new telephoto lens for the first time.
  • It was my first experience shooting at night .
  • It was the first time I have attempted photographing fast paced sports.

It took a while for me to find the right balance of ISO, shutter speed and zoom, so the first 20 or so shots were almost completely black, but I eventually found the right settings and am excited to post the result.
So here they are.  I hope you enjoy them!

These along with some additional photos will be posted to the FaceBook page on Thursday.

Thanks for checking out this post!!!! And I would love to hear your feedback!